Kitchen Tools

According to Cooks Illustrated Magazine, every kitchen needs a few key tools. One of the tools they recommend is a 10" non-stick fry-pan. They rate certain brands based upon performance, wear, and of course cooking ability. I have never owned a non-stick pan and consider myself absolutely clueless when it comes to choosing one, so I took Cook's recommendation and set out to purchase my very first non-stick pan to complete my set.

One of the most surprising recommendations they made was that I should purchase the cheapest (yet effective) pan I can find because non-stick pans get beat up and have to be replaced relatively frequently. The pan recommended by Cooks was not available anywhere, so I went ahead and bought one that was comprable to it, the Belgique Hard Anodized Fry Pan, 10".  So far I've used it to make frittatas and Spanish Tortillas which have turned out perfect! I can't believe how much better they turn out now and how much easier they are to separate from the bottom of the pan so they look nice when plated. So, if you don't have a non-stick pan yet, you should go get one. Your life (cooking life, that is) will be much easier. Just remember, don't use metal utensils on a non-stick pan, use wood or if you have to, plastic.

I'll be back later this week (hopefully) with a few new recipes. Until then...

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