just another day

I never understand where time goes. It is already Sunday and I'm about to start the week all over again but can't recollect what I did last week. Oh well. Only my third post so far and I haven't made any food worth sharing since I started the blog. I better get inspired.
You know what is inspiring? The farmers' market. This morning, Phil from Sage Mountain Farm had the best looking asparagus I've ever seen. So I bought it all. Yes, I did buy it ALL. I've got some plans for an asparagus-saffron pasta, asparagus and leek frittata, and anything else asparagus that comes to mind. Recipes will follow.
You know what else is inspiring? My garden, especially the artichokes and the lettuce. Check them out. I really enjoyed seeing how much one of my nieces loved the giant salad plants. ;-)

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