No. 1

Everytime I even think about starting a blog, my self-esteem kicks in. That is, my lack thereof. Who wants to listen to my rants and raves? Maybe no one...or maybe someone, who knows. I want to share my passion for cooking and eating with others who love food. Simple food. Alice Waters really has it right with The Art of Simple Food...that is the best way food can be prepared...simply.

I've received quite a bit of encouragement from my friends to start a blog. After much resistance, here I am, writing to the Internet. To an infinite abyss of something... It'll be a journey. A journey to eat delicious, local, and as much as possible sustainable meals that taste as good (or I hope even better) than those you could pick up at your local favorite restaurant. You will surprise yourself...food isn't that hard to make when you start with fresh ingredients. I look forward to sharing my passion for food with you!


  1. I can't wait to try some of your recipes! Thanks for taking the time to blog.

  2. what is that in the third pic? It doesn't look like asparagus. It looks like either a gahzillion hot green peppers or green crab pinchers....but they are all droolably enticing....mmmmmmm

  3. mom, I don't know which picture you are commenting on. I think it is the thyme one, but don't know...