clinic work in the Solomon Islands

Thanks to Direct Relief International and the Loloma Foundation, I provided medical care and supplies to people in Roviana Lagoon, Vonavona Lagoon, and Simbo Island, Solomon Islands. With the almost $6000 donation, more than 8 rural health clinics received supplies and I personally treated over 200 patients. Most of the patients were in Baraulu Village where there is no permanent clinic. On Simbo Island, there is an RN-run clinic where I volunteered, saw patients, and donated over half of the medication donation. Currently, the Loloma Foundation is visiting the Solomon Islands and will provide free surgical care to those who need assistance. And much to my excitement, they will be visiting my friends on Simbo Island. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to provided much needed assistance to such beautiful, hard-working, and resilient people.

Below are some pictures of the Tumbi Rural Health Clinic on Simbo Island, the one I set up in Baraulu Village, the beautiful and always-giggling children, and of the ocean's little creatures. Enjoy.

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